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Property Sourcing

We employ property sourcers to build relationships with estate agents, auction houses and independent vendors across the UK. Most of our properties are purchased off-market as we believe if the property is marketed online, then often we are too late.

Our sourcers ensure they are the first person contacted when a suitable property comes to the market. By doing this, we have exclusive access to the very best investment opportunities. We don’t just source the property and leave the client to it, we act on behalf of the investor and carry the project to its conclusion by managing the project from start to finish.

Portfolio Building

Bradgate Property Group have a large number of investment opportunities across the UK. We have Buy to let properties, HMO (Houses In Multiple Occupation) units, Student accommodation, Serviced accommodation units, Property flips and joint venture investments.

Our team have been in the property industry for a number of years and have worked on countless negotiating deals on behalf of our clients. We are fully aware of the market trends across the UK, we are working for the buyers and not the sellers giving a competitive edge to our clients.

We look to negotiate the best price for the benefit of our clients, meeting the timescales and within the designated areas.

So for a no obligation informal chat please get in touch, our staff will be happy to discuss any opportunity further.

Investment Strategies

For our investors, we have created a product which allows the investor to build a property portfolio without lifting a finger whilst also enjoying all the control and cash flow for that property.

Buy to flip - For a quick return some investors choose a property flip. This is where we source the property, carry out a refurb to a high standard and put the property back on the market, making a healthy profit for the investor. Many investors then choose to do the process with ourselves again, continually growing their initial investment.

Buy to let – Investors looking for a stable monthly income will often choose this strategy. We source the property, carry out a refurb to a high standard, find tenants and hand the property back to the investor with a ready made monthly income and capital growth on their property. Some investors choose to refinance the property after 6 months, pulling back out some or all of their initial deposit and using this money for us to source another property and repeat the process as many times as they wish.

HMO – Houses in Multiple Occupation are a great way to boost an investors monthly income often higher than a standard buy to let. We use our expert team of specialists including solicitors, brokers, builders, architects and many more to overcome the difficulties which HMOs can cause.We source a property that has potential to convert into a HMO, we apply for C4 status where required, carry out a major refurb and restructure of the property to meet all regulations. We can then find multiple tenants for the property and hand the property over to the investor.

With both Buy to let and HMO our estate agents can manage the lets throughout the term of all tenancies.

Student Accommodation

Based on a recent Knight Frank report, Leicester is currently suffering a severe shortage of high quality purpose-built student accommodation such as student pod investments. With student numbers increasing at a rate of 14% in the three years prior to the 2010/2011 academic year, the two universities in the area, DeMontfort University and Leicester University, have invested heavily in facilities.

The University of DeMontfort has invested £20 million as part of a 10 year initiative while Leicester University is currently under going a 300 million pound upgrade of its facilities.

Leicester is recognised as a leading city for education and sport, ranked number one in The national student survey for satisfaction. For every place there are 6.5 applicants, with satisfaction overall rated at 80%. Student numbers have increased by 4% in the last year and international students by 11%.

These statistics, published by Knight Frank, demonstrate that there is an acute under supply of student accommodation.

Leicester was named as the most affordable place to live for students by HSBC in 2014 and 2015 and is home to two universities, the University of Leicester and DeMontfort University. Combined, they educate almost 40,000 students. With a sizeable student population and more money being invested in the universities, demand for quality accommodation within the city is high. According to recent statistics, there are 6.4 students for every dedicated room within the city centre, so excellent occupancy rates are to be expected, and there is a good opportunity for high rental yields.

Project Management

You can safely invest in property with us and experience a completely hands off experience. Our service delivers the project from start to finish including,

  • Sourcing the property
  • Conveyance
  • Arranging finance
  • Gaining C4 status (if an HMO)
  • Development and refurbishment
  • Marketing
  • Tenant finding
  • Refinancing

So for a no obligation informal chat please get in touch, our staff will be happy to discuss any opportunity further.

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