Welcome to Bradgate Property Group

Property investment and sourcing across the UK

With our experience and network throughout the property market we provide tailored services to all of our clients. We have the teams, systems and strategies in place to help each of our clients achieve wealth through property.

Why invest in property?

Everyone needs a place to call home, whether they rent or own their own property. As a basic human need, housing will always be in demand. It will always have value because we simply can’t live without it. Investing in property offers less of a risk than stocks & shares and gives greater stability over time – fact.

Our services - building your future

  • Helping people invest in property for the first time
  • Helping seasoned investors to source great deals
  • Tailoring our services to meet each client’s particular needs
  • Sourcing 100% hands off property deals with great returns
  • Project Management
  • Helping investors create great cash flow with our portfolio building services


Interested in getting involved in property, or scaling your property business? Check out our training site Your Property Future® for further details

Portfolio Building

We can help an investor achieve wealth through property by continually investing some or all of their return back into another property. By doing this we can help the investor to build a portfolio of properties that generate a fabulous monthly income.

Property Sourcing

We employ property sourcers to build relationships with estate agents, auction houses and independent vendors across the UK

Project Management

From sourcing property to setting up to-lets, we offer portfolio building for clients who wish to build wealth through property. We take care of absolutely everything so you don’t have to. Our expert team of builders will manage your project every step of the way, keeping you informed of progress and expected time scales.

Investment Strategies

There are many different investment strategies available. The strategy that we use depends on our investors criteria and what they are wanting to attain. We are dedicated to creating the best financial outcome from each strategy available.